Laura is a singer/songwriter living in Newcastle, Australia but originally grew up in a small dusty town in Western NSW. This quiet place seemed to spark Laura's imagination, which she seemed to have in spades (maths and science, not so much).  When she was seven years old, Laura’s parents bought a brand new piano. Laura fell in love with the piano, spending hours playing and writing little pieces of music (when she was meant to be practicing her scales!) This creative intuition has been hanging around ever since, like a beautiful and slightly annoying old friend.

Laura is inspired by a weirdly wide range of musical styles and actually has no idea what genre her music fits into. Influences come from classical, folk, pop, movie soundtracks, Middle Eastern and other 'world' music. Laura likes to play with unusual scales and chords. Laura's songs are poetic, melodic, hopeful, and aren't afraid of the dark. Laura has been a contributor to Adamstown Arts, a Newcastle-based creative arts project that supports local  musicians and artists. Laura launched her first single, "Sing Little Bird" in November, 2016. This song was inspired by a drawing by a child in immigration detention.

Laura loves her old friend song writing, because this friend is brave and shares stories in a way that nothing else can.